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Mouth Of The Ghetto (Single - Audio & Video)

by Over-Reactor

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Mouth Of The Ghetto by Over-reactor is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Licence.


released June 3, 2012

Produced by Over-Reactor
Lyrics by Ezekiel Ox
Recorded and Mixed by Cory Blight

Directed by Ezekiel Ox
Choreographed by Ezekiel Ox, Andrew Portelli and Melinda Zamba
Director of Photography - Nicole Cleary and Dan Farmer
Editing - Josh Meney

Shot on location in Melbourne, Australia

Cross Section

Daniel Sant - Harbour



Track Name: Mouth Of The Ghetto
My devotion's to a pleasure so big I can't face it,
I download, a murdered Gordon Gekko,
Money junkies, slip society, it's on again, you feel it now,
Fascist beat behind them
Living like a Modern Tsar,

All in, oh here comes the hell again,
All in, don't sound like a melody
All in, witness the oppression when
The might of our vibration's not allowed

I got to thinking again,
That we could never be friends,

They never halt
I never won't

Forget your sanity
Get back in the saddle to play
The destitute geisha game
Living on the pity
Earning off the face fuck
Oh, oh oh
Make it look classy

I got to thinking again,
That we could never be friends,

Fed up with nothing, nada, zilch they call the status quo
It's time to face the dojo
It's time to work out
Your spirit comes home
When the thinker's been sold
No point appealing to the Man
When he gives the beatings daily

Pick up the brick has got the sound of a riot concerto
We write the hip hop for the victims addicted to metal
Party time, we are the mouth of the ghetto
Move over,
Another piece of the puzzle that casts the red shadow
Point and record and remember to save it
Call it evidence against the pigs that picked the battle
We've got a lease on the street, a land lord death rattle
Fuck Mick Gatto
Fuck Mick Gatto